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MVP Athletic Supplies sells high-quality footwear that meets industry standards. Softball, baseball, and football cleats enhance player performance and foster safety on the field.

MVP Athletic Supplies has the shoes that you need: we carry men's, women's, and youth shoes in a variety of styles and designs—choose from molded, interchangeable or metal cleats depending on your game and your level.

Our footwear comes from top manufacturers like Nike, Mizuno, Under Armour, Reebok and Nike.

Shoe Accessories

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We carry a variety of accessories to help protect and maintain your cleats. Toe protectors, replacement cleats and laces will help extend the life of your cleats.

Softball and Baseball Cleats

Softball and baseball cleats are specialized for running on grass or dirt. Shoes are available with molded, interchangeable or metal cleats.

  • Softball Baseball CleatsMolded cleats – lightweight and breathable. Molded softball and baseball cleats are affordable and may be mandatory, depending on your league. Youth leagues often require molded shoes to prevent injury to other players.
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  • Metal cleats – provide increase traction and stability. They give players better control on the field, but may be prohibited, depending on the league or level. Professional ball players will use metal baseball cleats.
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  • High-Quality FootwearTrainers and Turf Shoes – Excellent for coaches or casual wear.
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  • Women’s shoes – Baseball / Softball cleats designed specifically for women.
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  • Youth shoes – youth molded cleats provide comfort and durability at an affordable price.
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  • Football Cleats – MVP Athletic Supplies carries high-performance and lightweight football cleats. Choose from molded or detachable cleats. Molded cleats provide traction and durability. Detachable cleats offer the option of metal or plastic for versatility. Our cleats come from reputable manufacturers such as Nike, Reebok, and Under Armour. Perforated synthetic leather uppers provide breathability and moisture management.
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MVP Athletic Supplies has experience providing outstanding softball, baseball, and football equipment. Our difference is specialized knowledge and customer service. Click here to view our online catalogue. Or, visit us in person at one of our two locations in Burnaby and Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

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