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    At MVP Athletic Supplies we understand the importance of taking the best care of your glove to ensure that it lasts season after season. Because of this, we offer all of the best baseball glove accessories you need for breaking in your glove, maintaining its shape and repairing your glove.

    The manufacturers of your favorite gloves, such as: Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno and Easton offer some of the best glove conditioners and baseball glove oils to keep the leather clean and performing at its best. For creating and maintaining your pocket, we have manufacturers like: Mizuno and Rawlings that offer glove mallets and glove wraps. Break a lace? We have glove laces and glove re-lacing kits from Easton and Rawlings available in-store! Not to mention our very own in-house glove specialist that has years of experience in re-lacing older gloves and making them feel brand-new again!

    All the baseball glove accessories you need to keep your glove looking great and performing even better can be found at MVP Athletic Supplies, at prices that will keep your wallet happy. Shop Online Now!


    Softening your baseball gloves

    Once the season is over, take advantage of your time off. Use your time away from the field to prepare yourself for the upcoming season.

    Many players will take advantage of the off-season to prepare for the upcoming season by breaking in their new baseball gloves.

    With plenty of time until those cleats hit the dirt again, the off-season is ideal for softening up that brand-new stiff glove. But with this, many players, coaches and parents find themselves wondering, “What is the best way to break-in a new glove?”.  Take a look below at what you should be doing to get your gear ready!


    Baseball Glove Oils & Conditioners

    When using baseball glove oils and conditioners to break in your glove, the first thing you should know is that strange products like petroleum jelly, olive oil, mink oil, and linseed oil should never be used. If you are planning to use baseball glove oils or conditioners, you should use the products that your glove manufacturer suggests. As it will ensure the longevity and care of your glove. Take a look at our website for baseball glove oils, as well as baseball glove conditioners.


    Glove Lockers & Bands

    Insert a ball into the pocket and wrap your glove in a glove locker, or a Rawlings jumbo rubber band. This will help with the break in process and maintain your glove pocket shape.


    Manhandling Your Glove (Literally)

    This method is great for taking out some aggression. Here, all you’re doing is pounding the pocket of the glove to soften the leather and form the pocket. To do this, you’ll need to get a glove mallet. Here is what you will need to do to ensure the best possible outcome of breaking in your new glove step by step.

    • Put the glove on like you would normally wear it while being out on the field.
    • Then with your throwing hand, take the mallet and continually strike the pocket of the glove.
    • If you want to break the glove in more, take the glove off, palm facing away from you. Grab either side of hand opening and begin to pinch and roll` the heel.

    You may see other guides telling you to wet the leather and lay it out in the sun, but it’s our recommendation that you leave the water and sun out of this and stick to the steps above. Taking these measures could decrease the longevity of your glove and cause severe wear and tear that will cut the span of your glove.

    All of the above methods can be used to break in your baseball fielding glove. If you’re wondering how to break in a softball glove, the same methods will hold true, just be sure to use a softball in place of a baseball to ensure your pocket ends up large enough.


    The Don’ts of Glove Break In

    As you read popular baseball or softball forums and articles on other sites, you may stumble across some rather unorthodox methods. Although many claims these break in methods are a quick way to soften the glove up, it may shorten the life of your glove in the long run and cause severe wear and tear. Some of these tactics can even void the manufacturer warranty that comes with the gloves. Here are some of the “tips” you should simply steer clear of.


    Don’t Cook Your Glove, It’s Not Food

    This is one of the more popular ways people use to break in a glove, but one that can-do irreparable damage. The microwave or oven method will dry out the leather and make the laces brittle causing them to break. More importantly, microwaving and baking gloves in the oven is absolutely dangerous. Left unattended, it can cause a fire. This risk is increased if there any metal parts on your glove. Unless you’re planning on eating your glove for dinner, keep it out of the microwave and the oven.


    There you have it! Follow these tricks during your off season, and you will be ahead of the rest.  Be sure to browse our online store for a wide range of baseball gloves and softball gloves. Have questions about a particular product, or want to take a browse of our products in-store? Come visit us!

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