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    Baseball and Softball Catchers’ Gear

    Baseball catcher in full gear reaching to catch a baseball.


    MVP offers a wide selection of high quality baseball catchers’ gear and affordable prices. The position of catcher is one that requires more gear than other positions in order to stay protected and play effectively.


    MVP proudly sells extensive catchers’ gear for baseball players to ensure that you play your best and have everything you need to improve your game, stay safe, and have fun doing it.

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    Baseball and Softball Catchers’ Gear

    We carry a range of products from all of the most well known and trusted brands. This includes:

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    Baseball and Softball Catcher Protective Gear

    Protective gear is especially important for baseball and softball catchers, because this position can be risky due to being in the path of fast-moving balls. At MVP, we carry all of the safety gear needed to keep baseball and softball catchers protected and ready to play.


    Leg Guards

    Leg guards are protective pads specifically designed to cover the leg from the ankle to just above the knee. Leg guards are essential for providing adequate protection to a baseball and softball catcher’s knees, shins, and ankles.  


    Chest Protectors

    A good chest protector is important to keep you safe from missed catches and foul balls. Chest protectors provide padded coverage of the front upper body. Choose a chest protector that has adjustable straps for optimal fit and is lightweight and flexible enough to provide easy mobility while providing a high level of protection.



    The most important piece of safety equipment for baseball catchers, helmets protect you from severe head injury that can occur if you are hit with an errant ball. A catcher’s helmet differs from other baseball helmets in that it provides more coverage and protects a larger area, since catchers are more at risk for being hit by a baseball during play. Catchers’ helmets protect the face, jaw, skull, and the back of the head.

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    Youth Baseball and Softball Catchers’ Gear Sets

    If you are looking for youth catchers’ gear and would prefer to buy a full set of protective baseball and softball catchers’ gear as opposed to individual items, we sell bundled packages of everything you need.

    Youth Baseball and Softball Catchers’ Gear Set


    Intermediate Baseball and Softball Catchers’ Gear Set

    Sized for youth baseball players aged 12-15, the Rawlings Renegade 2.0 Intermediate Catchers Set includes a catchers’ helmet, lightweight, flexible leg guards, and chest protector engineered with Arc Reactor Core technology ultimate comfort and unrestricted mobility. Meets NOCSAE protection standard.

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    Easton Gametime Catchers’ Gear Set

    Easton’s popular Gametime catchers’ sets come with all the gear a young catcher needs. These sets include catchers’ helmets with an improved steel cage design to give players maximum visibility, chest protectors with integrated memory foam padding for more rebound control, and leg guards with a reinforced triple knee system to provide more durability and a better fit. Youth size is appropriate for ages 9-12 and intermediate sizing is made for ages 13-15.

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