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    Coaching Youth Baseball

    Coaching youth baseball and softball is rewarding work that requires different skills. Coaching takes organization, knowledge, versatility and inspiration.

    As a coach, you not only have to teach the fundamentals of the game, but you also have to make it fun so that your players stay engaged and interested. Your tone of voice and body language should never reveal disappointment in a child’s performance or ability. It is about teaching kids the sport as well as learning the game.

    Coaching youth baseball and softball can differ depending on what type of league you’re coaching in addition to the age of the players.

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    Softball and Baseball Coaching Tips

    Coaching youth baseball and softball is similar to coaching adults, but there are some tips you should keep in mind. Here are some baseball coaching tips to help you coach youth players:


    Present Your Coaching Philosophy to Parents of the Children

    Let the parents know before the first practice how you’re going to approach the season and what your focus is going to be like. Being a youth baseball and softball coach is not just about the kids; the parents will be actively involved in the youth baseball training as well.

    Explain your process to the parents for delegating playing time. Make a rough outline of the playing time each player will get and make sure that playing time is equal.


    Be Prepared

    As a coach that is coaching little league baseball, you are not only expected to bring the equipment to each practice, but also any other supplies for emergency situations or in the advent that a player has left something at home by accident. Some things you should have:

    • Fully stocked first aid kit
    • Scorebook and pencil
    • Extra water for players
    • Practice plan for the day, broken down by time segments and detailing what drills you will be running
    • Equipment such a bats, balls and other equipment you need

    Be Patient. Players are Youth who are Playing a Game They are Still Learning

    Youth players are still learning the game of baseball and softball, so it’s important to be patient with them. Over time, they will learn the game and become better at it. Helping your player’s confidence is important for them to perform the best they can.

    Avoid Using Unfamiliar Terms

    Children in minor league baseball and softball teams are still learning and honing in the rules of the game. Avoid using unfamiliar terms during pre-game talks and during practices to avoid causing confusion.


    The more practice the youth get, the better they become. Make sure you encourage the children when you practice repetitive drills and make it fun and exciting. Practice makes perfect!

    Mistakes are an Opportunity to Teach, Not to Punish.

    Mistakes are part of the learning process. Instead of punishing your players for making mistakes, use the opportunity to teach your players.  Acknowledging and applauding the slightest improvements helps to maintain player’s interest in the sport.

    Introduce New Drills at Each Practice

    Doing so helps to keep the player’s interest. Making practices exciting keeps the children motivated and more eager to learn and hone the sport.

    Involve Parents in Drills Occasionally

    Involving parents during practice is a great way to mix things up and increase the excitement among the team. Having the parents around occasionally can also boost the player’s morale and motivate them to work their hardest during practice.

    Set Realistic Goals for Players

    Realistic goals will ensure that your youth players will gain a real sense of satisfaction when they able to routinely achieve the goals you have set for them. Setting goals that are realistic and attainable will help your players progress and improve their skills.

    Get Feedback from the Players on Drills to Use

    Getting feedback from the players is important because it tells you what they like or don’t like about the drills. When youth are doing drills that they enjoy, they’re more motivated to practice them and improve.

    Enforcing Good Behavior in the Stands

    Make it clear, that as a coach, you won’t tolerate bad behavior in the stands from either parents and players. This includes:

    • Yelling at umpires
    • Arguing
    • Criticizing players

    Have Fun!

    Having fun and building relationships and trust with your youth is just as important as teaching them the sport. Making practice fun will motivate players to go to every practice and get better at the sport. Give your players high-fives to reinforce that their efforts are appreciated and try to have fun as much as possible.

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