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    MVP Sports stocks high-quality baseball and softball field equipment, including specialized field equipment. Every field should be conditioned for success. MVP Athletic Supplies can help you with this—we carry a range of field materials designed with durability and safety in mind.

    We recommend the following categories of field equipment:


    What Softball and Baseball Field Equipment Do I Need?

    Bases and Plates

    MVP Sports carries a wide-range of bases and plates. Everything from Economy Throwdown Bases to Inground and Magnetic Bases.

                                                                  Bases and plates Field Equipment

    Field Maintenance


    Field equipment is essential for a well-maintained playing space. MVP Sports sells drag mats and line markers to keep your field in top form. Drag mats help level uneven gravel, sand, or dirt surfaces. They are available in 3’ x 5’ and 6’ x 6’. Line markers allow you to demarcate a baseball diamond. We have a variety of models, including spray paint models.

    Buy your athletic equipment online. MVP Athletic Supplies ships across Canada from Vancouver Island, BC to Toronto, Ontario and beyond! Or visit us at our Langley store location in British Columbia, Canada.

    Contact MVP Athletic Supplies today to discuss your team's field equipment requirements.

    Contact MVP Athletic Supplies

    Contact MVP Athletic Supplies today to discuss your team's athletic supplies requirements.