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    Football Jersey Types

    Types of Football Jerseys

    Football Game Jersey

    A game jersey is made with the intent that it will be worn during sanctioned game play. These jerseys are high quality and meant to last for a lengthy period of time. They are typically made out of a lightweight polyester fabric and have multiple colours, team’s logos, players’ names, and other cresting on them. Game jerseys are meant to be customized with your team’s individual colour scheme, logo, name, players’ numbers, et cetera.


    Football Practice Jersey

    A practice jersey is, unsurprisingly, intended to be worn in practice during drills and scrimmages. This type of jersey is made of lightweight mesh material in order to make it more breathable and thinner than a game jersey. Practice jerseys have a simple design with no team logos or other decoration (usually) and are typically one solid colour. These jerseys are not intended to be customized, though they can be if desired.

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    Porthole Jersey

    The word “porthole” refers to the fact that these jerseys are made of mesh and have holes in the fabric for airflow. A porthole jersey is very lightweight, extremely breathable, and has quite large mesh holes in the fabric.


    Mini-Porthole Jersey

    A mini-porthole jersey has smaller mesh holes, which makes for a more streamlined fit that can be more comfortable than a regular porthole jersey, although not as breathable or lightweight.

    You can choose from a ton of style options for your customized jerseys, as well as the following decoration options:

    • Tackle Twill — sewn-on lettering where each colour is cut out individually and carefully layered before it is attached to the jersey. This gives your lettering depth, quality, and a high-end look.

    • Embroidery — lettering and designs stitched directly onto the fabric of the jersey. We use an automated stitching machine with high accuracy, so even more complicated designs will come out looking sharp, crisp, and professional.

    • Name Plates -- the players’ names can be either heated or sewn onto a piece of twill and then the whole thing is attached to the back of the jersey.

    • Full Sublimation — with this option, decorations are infused directly onto the fabric of the jersey. This is the lightest-weight option because it doesn’t add any extra fabric to the jersey. Full sublimation is resistant to fading, bleeding, and chipping.  

    Want to design a custom team logo too? We’ll help you! Check out our simple Logo Design Studio and get started right now.

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    Garb Athletics Custom Football Jerseys

    We also sell Garb Athletics’ high quality, fully customizable football apparel with UNLIMITED  name plates, embroidery, and tackle twill all at one flat price. You can use our easy Uniform Builder tool to create your own customized football jerseys and make sure they come out exactly how you imagined them!

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