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    Softball and Baseball Cleats

    Baseball player lunging to catch a ball.


    Softball and Baseball cleats are one of the most important elements of any player’s ball gear. They provide comfort, safety, and allow for traction and mobility on the field. Softball and Baseball cleats come in a variety of materials and styles, depending on your playing field  and individual preferences.


    Best Softball and Baseball Cleats in Canada

    Looking for great softball or baseball cleats, Canada? MVP Athletic Supplies is proud to provide softball and baseball players across the country with high quality, comfortable ball cleats from all of the most popular brands.


    At MVP Athletic Supplies, we carry:



    Different Types of Softball and Baseball Cleats

    There are two main types of ball cleats and these are metal cleats or molded cleats. Neither type of cleat is objectively better than the other. It all depends on personal preference and the type of field that you are playing on. 

    Here is a quick breakdown of the differences between metal and molded ball cleats, and when you should choose which type of cleats.


    Metal Softball and Baseball Cleats

    Metal softball and baseball cleats have thin, sharp studs made of high quality metal which are  permanently affixed to the shoe. Metal studs will sink into the ground further than molded cleats because of their material and shape. This gives the wearer excellent traction and great grip so you can easily take off running and just as easily slow down.  Metal ball cleats are sometimes preferred because they will not pick up large clumps of dirt and grass the way that molded baseball cleats sometimes do.

    Because of their incredibly effective gripping, metal cleats can cause strain if the wearer suddenly changes direction.  Some leagues do not permit the use of metal cleats, be sure to check with your coach first.

    Shop Metal Softball and Baseball Cleats


    Molded Softball and Baseball Cleats

    Molded softball and baseball cleats have studs made of rubber or hard plastic. With molded cleats, the studs are part of the shoe’s sole and attached permanently. Molded plastic baseball cleats do not have the same level of traction as metal studs, but they are typically less costly to buy.

    Molded softball and baseball cleats are the best option for playing ball in muddy, wet, or otherwise soft conditions. This is because the plastic studs will offer some grip while still bouncing off the surface of the ground, while metal-studded cleats will sink deep into soft ground and leave players stuck in the mud. 

    Shop Molded Softball and Baseball Cleats


    Choosing the Right Fit

    When it comes to sizing your softball and baseball cleats, they should fit snugly, with no more than a quarter to a half inch of room between your toe and the end of the shoe. If you are between sizes, it is usually best to go with a size down as opposed to a size up because your ball cleats will expand as you break them in and a shoe that is not tight enough will negatively impact mobility.


    Men’s and Women’s Softball and Baseball Cleats

    MVP Athletic Supplies is proud to sell a wide selection of both mens’ and womens’ softball and baseball cleats. We offer molded and metal-studded cleats from all of the top brands, including Mizuno, New Balance, and Under Armour. 

    Shop Womens' Softball and Baseball Cleats

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    Softball and Baseball Cleats for Youth

    In addition to adult ball cleats for men and women, MVP Athletic Supplies also has everything younger players need for a successful game. We sell a selection of youth-sized molded softball and baseball cleats from New Balance, Under Armour, and Nike.

    Shop Youth Softball and Baseball Cleats


    Other Footwear for Softball and Baseball

    MVP Athletic Supplies also sells mens’ and womens’ turf trainers for softball and baseball players. Turf trainers are recommended for ball practice and training on turf or on indoor surfaces. Turf trainers provide comfort and traction on turf and other hard surfaces and will not cause damage the way that metal cleats would.

    Shop Softball and Baseball Turf Trainers

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