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    Baseball Equipment Checklist 

    Two teams playing baseball

    Baseball Equipment to Enhance your Game

    Do you have everything you need to keep your baseball team playing their best? High quality baseball equipment, training aids, and apparel are essential for keeping players comfortable, safe, and performing optimally. At MVP Athletic Supplies, we have everything you need for baseball teams of all ages. See our baseball equipment checklist below to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything!

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    Batting Gear

    Baseball batting gear includes batting helmets, batting gloves, protective baseball accessories, baseball bats, and more. Quality batting gear is essential for players’ safety, performance, and comfort. 

    • Batting helmets
    • Baseball bats
    • Batting gloves
    • Protective accessories 
    • Apparel 

    Catchers’ Gear

    Catchers’ gear generally consists of a helmet/mask, leg guards, and chest protector, with various other accessories that may be used for comfort and protection. MVP sells quality catchers’ gear in adult intermediate and youth sizes as well as a variety of accessories including thumb guards, knee savers, and more.

    • Adult catchers’ gear
    • Intermediate catchers’ gear
    • Fastpitch catchers’ gear
    • Youth catchers’ gear
    • Chest guards
    • Helmets
    • Leg guards
    • Masks
    • Boxed sets
    • Thumb guards
    • Knee savers
    • Helmet pads
    • Throat protectors


    Proper footwear designed specifically for baseball is essential because it provides grip, protection, and comfort. Find durable, well-fitting baseball cleats and turf trainers in MVP’s baseball shop.

    • Men’s baseball cleats
    • Women’s baseball cleats
    • Youth baseball cleats
    • Molded cleats (rubber and TPU)
    • Metal cleats
    • Turf trainers



    We carry Garb Athletics’ all-inclusive, fully customizable baseball jerseys and uniforms. Display your team name and logo on apparel made from comfortable, breathable materials made to last. Our baseball apparel is available in women’s, men’s, and youth sizing.

    • Men’s baseball jerseys & uniforms
    • Women’s baseball jerseys & uniforms
    • Youth baseball jerseys & uniforms
    • Baseball hats
    • Socks
    • Belts
    • Protective apparel
    • Sunglasses

    Training & Coaching Aids

    Part of effective training and coaching is having the right baseball equipment. With MVP’s baseball training and coaching aids, your team can practice more effectively and reach their full potential. Help your team perform their best with our range of training and coaching aids for baseball.

    • Fungo & training bats
    • Training balls
    • Pitching machines
    • Batting tees
    • Screens & nets
    • Ball caddies
    • Radar guns
    • Scorebooks and line-up cards

    Field Equipment & Maintenance

    Keep your baseball field properly maintained with our range of field maintenance equipment, including line markers, drag mats, bases, plates, and more.

    • Line markers
    • Bases
    • Base plugs
    • Base spikes
    • Plates
    • Drag mats
    • Field conditioner
    • Rakes
    • Dig out tools

    Make sure that you have everything you need for your baseball team! Check out our well-stocked baseball shop.

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    Reliable Softball Equipment

    Your team’s softball equipment is important to ensure that everyone is performing at their best. MVP carries a wide selection of reliable softball equipment for both slowpitch and fastpitch. We are proud to sell all of the most popular brands in baseball equipment, including Mizuno, Louisville, Easton, Rawlings, and more.

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    Best Baseball Bats for Different Types of Players



    The length of the bat you use will impact your swing speed and plate coverage, so it is important to make sure that you choose the right length of bat for you. A simple way to check bat length is to stand the bat up next to your leg while you are standing up. Stand with your arms relaxed at your sides. The knob of the bat should reach the same height as the center of your palm.



    Different bats are weighted differently, and it is essential to choose a bat that is the appropriate weight for you. To check if the weight is right for you, hold the handle of the bat and extend your arm to the side, holding the bat extended out from your arm. You should be able to hold the bat for about 30-45 seconds before it becomes too heavy. If you cannot hold it this long, the bat is probably too heavy for you. If you can hold it up for longer, you likely need a heavier bat.


    League Requirements

    It is important to check your league requirements for baseball bats. Different bats are required depending on the league, often based on the age of players. Generally speaking, baseball players between the ages of 14 and 18 will be required to use a bat that meets BBCOR standards. Little League players age 7 to 13 will need to use a USA stamped bat. BC Minor League players age 7 to 13 can use a USSSA or USA stamped bat. BC Minor Players in 9U and below cannot use a bat greater than 2 ⅝” diameter barrel. Players age 6 and under will need a tee ball bat. Check with your league or call our store to find out more about the level of play.

    Trust MVP as your one-stop shop for all of the baseball and softball equipment you need for your team.

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