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    How to Break in a Baseball Glove 

    The professionals at MVP Athletic Supplies understand there’s a special relationship between a player and their glove. An unbreakable bond that has special meaning to lovers of the sport. A quality glove is one of the most important investments a baseball or softball player can make so it’s important to take good care of it. One of those points of care is to properly break in your glove. A properly broken in glove won’t necessarily make you a better ball player, but it will give you more confidence and make for more cleaner and consistent game play. 

    But how do you properly break in a baseball glove?

    1) Play Catch - Undoubtedly, the best way to get your glove to fit snugly to your hand is to use it. As you throw rounds of catch, your glove will start to mold to your hand. The more you use it, the better it will fit. It’s always a good idea to only use your own glove and not let too many other people use it as the whole point is to make the glove fit to your hand specifically. 

    2) Soften the Glove - Over time your glove will soften the more you use it. You can also break in the glove with a wooden mallet to pound the area where you catch the ball. This will help create a nice groove for the ball to fall into.

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    Breaking in a Baseball Glove - What NOT to Do!

    While there’s a right way to do things, there’s also always a wrong way to do it too. Here are a couple of urban myths you’ll want to stay away from when breaking in your new baseball glove:

    Microwaving/Oven - While this is a popular way to break in your new mitt, it’s also one that can do irreparable damage. Sticking your glove in a microwave will dry out the leather and make the laces brittle and more breakable. If your glove has any metal parts, you’re also going to risk starting a fire. Save the microwave for heating up your leftovers.

    Inside the Car - A lot of people believe that simply leaving your glove in the car, particularly on hot days, will help break in your glove. This method tends to have a similar effect to the microwave in that it’s a surefire way to dry out the leather and weaken the composition of the glove. Always try and store your glove in a cool location and you’ll find it’ll last a lot longer.


    Choosing the Right Mitt

    In Canada there are lots of options when it comes to choosing the right baseball glove. There are custom baseball gloves, gloves that are specifically designed for different fielding positions, different brands and levels of quality—choosing the right glove can be a make it or break it situation when it comes to your game in the field. Here are a few things to bear in mind when choosing the right mitt:

    • Choose the right glove for your position
    • Check for durability and quality leather
    • Shop for a glove that fits your price range

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    Our top picks for Baseball Gloves & Mitts

    Not all baseball gloves are created equal. Infielders need a different glove from outfielders, and first baseman and catchers have their own mitts so it’s essential to find the best glove to suit your playing needs. 

    Each player tends to have their own personal preferences when it comes to the type of glove they choose. Essentially there’s no right or wrong answer, but the experts at MVP Athletic Supplies can help. 

    While we stock the best brands in the business, it’ll come down to personal preference and budget when choosing your new baseball glove. We stock all the top name brands including Wilson, Rawlings, Mizuno and Easton. We also offer custom Rawlings and Mizuno baseball glove creation so you can create your new glove exactly the way you want it to suit your specific wants and needs.

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