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    Softball Gloves - Choose the right
    mitt for your fit!


    Finding the right softball glove or mitt is important when it comes to your playing ability. Choosing the right type and size is crucial for your success in the sport. No matter whether you’re playing the outfield or the infield, on the pitcher’s plate, third base, or anywhere else, it’s essential to have a properly fitting glove. By identifying the correct sizing you’ll be able to find the perfect glove to suit your gameplay style. 


    Here are four simple guidelines to selecting the right softball glove to suit your needs:

    1. Select the proper throwing hand
    2. Choose a glove size that fits your age and position
    3. Check for a glove that will break in according to your timetable
    4. Select a glove that is in your price range

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    Difference Between Slowpitch Gloves & Fastpitch Gloves

    There are a few minor differences between slowpitch and fastpitch gloves, but none of these differences are so critical that it will take away from your ability to play the sport in either version of softball.



    The biggest difference in gloves is between pitchers and catchers. Most Fastpitch pitchers like a glove with a closed web so the hitter is unable to see the pitcher’s grip on the ball . In slowpitch, this isn’t a requirement as the pitch is always fairly similar. 

    In a similar fashion, fastpitch catchers require a specialized catcher’s mitt as they’re receiving throws at a high velocity. The glove in this case requires extra padding otherwise the catcher is risking injury.

    In fastpitch, a first baseman may need a first-base mitt as there are subtle differences from a regular fielder’s glove. However, in slowpitch almost all the mitts can basically be the same, unless someone has a particular playing style.



    Fastpitch outfielders use bigger gloves with a deeper pocket which gives extra leeway when catching the ball. Infielders tend to have smaller gloves for a quicker transfer. All softball gloves are designed in a similar fashion to catch the same sized ball. The pocket in a slowpitch glove is normally deeper to allow for consistent catching no matter the position they’re playing. 



    Undoubtedly, cost will be an important factor when you’re buying your new glove. There’s a wide range of brands and associated price ranges to choose from. Everything from quality of leather to style and assembly can be taken into consideration. In the end, you have to choose the right glove to suit your needs and budget. 

    The professionals at MVP Athletics can help you choose the right glove to suit your playing style and other requirements.

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    MVP’s Top Picks for Fastpitch & Slowpitch Softball Gloves

    Whether fastpitch or slowpitch, not all gloves are created the same way. It’s essential to find the best glove to suit your playing needs based on age, size, position, and whether you are indeed playing slowpitch or fastpitch.

    Each player will have their own personal preference when it comes to the glove they choose. In the end there’s no real right or wrong answer, but the experts at MVP Athletic Supplies can help. 

    We stock the best brands in the business, including Wilson, Rawlings, Mizuno and Easton. We also offer custom Rawlings and Mizuno baseball glove creation so you can create your new glove to suit your exact preferences.

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