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    Baseball & Softball Gloves are Important Pieces of Equipment!

    MVP Athletic Supplies has an impressive selection of top-quality baseball & softball gloves that will help you reach your maximum potential on the field. We stock a variety of baseball & softball gloves from well-known manufacturers such as Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno, Easton, Louisville and Miken.

    High-quality leather baseball & softball gloves are a mainstay for the serious softball or baseball player. But the busy player has limited time to break in a new baseball glove. Products such as glove honey and glove lockers help protect and break-in new gloves—so you don't have to.

    MVP Athletic Supplies also sells batting gloves for increased grip and shock absorbency.


    Baseball & Softball Gloves - Things to Keep in Mind

    The most important thing about buying new baseball & softball gloves is the fit. With time, even the best-fitting gloves lose their fit and need replacement.

    The position and level of play is also an important factor for the type of glove you purchase.

    Your fingers should take up no less than half the glove's fingers and there should be only one finger-width between your glove and your hand. 

    Refer to the image below to help with measuring your finger and palm size.

    Different Positions Require Different Gloves  

    Depending on what position you play, the type of baseball or softball glove will differ.


    • Contains heavier padding to provide more hand protection from the ball
    • Reinforced to withstand heavy use throughout the game
    • Catcher’s mitt is measured around its circumference or by the distance around its outside edge


    First Base

    • Often referred to as Trapper
    • Looks like a catcher’s glove buy has less padding
    • Has a shallow pocket to quickly retrieve the ball from the glove




      • Generally, a smaller glove
      • Second base players use a smaller glove
      • Shortstop players use a medium size glove
      • Third base use a larger glove
      • Fielder baseball gloves and first base mitts are measured from the top of the index finger of the glove down to the heel of the glove



      • Generally, a larger glove
      • A deeper pocket to catch fly balls
      • A longer length gives as much reach as possible


      Women’s Gloves

      • Will usually have a smaller wrist opening and finger stalls than regular adult gloves


      Youth Gloves

      • Smaller in size to help them maintain control
      • Tip: resist the urge to buy a larger glove than the child can use
      • 5 - 7 years old (generally 9 - 10" youth glove)
      • 7 - 9 years old (10 - 11" youth glove)
      • 9 - 12 years old (11 - 11.5" youth glove)

      Contact MVP's baseball & softball gloves expert for more information.

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