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    A sports team’s logo and colours are two important elements of your team’s identity. Your logo can evoke powerful emotions and create loyalty and support.

    A custom team logo makes your sports team look more professional and gives your team legitimacy. It portrays an image of professionalism and provides others with a point of recognition.

    A custom team logo helps your sports team stand out from the crowd. Creating a custom sports logo for your team can be daunting though, especially if you don’t have a design background.

    MVP Athletic Supplies provides softball, baseball, and football equipment to Canadians from coast to coast. We also offer training aids, accessories, and custom services such as logo imprints for association or tournament balls or screen-printing and cresting for team uniforms. We have a logo design studio on our website to help you with your sports team logo design.


    MVP’s Logo Design Studio

    Use MVP’s logo design studio to create your own custom sports logo! Designing a logo can be tough if you’re a non-designer, but with three starting options to choose from, it’s easy to get exactly the logo you want in our Logo Design Studio! 


    Option 1

    Start fresh with a blank canvas to create a unique design. You have the ability to upload your own image, add art, add text and choose your desired colour.


    Option 2

    Choose from professional design templates. Browse through our design ideas in the sports and athletics category and choose from the sport your team is in.


    Option 3

    Continue from one of your saved art you’ve been working on previously.

    It is fast, free, and easy to use! If you need to use a graphic designer, we can arrange for that too. Start designing your own logo and send it to us today!


    Steps to Designing Your Sports Team Logo

    Brainstorm Your Logo Design

    Start off by brainstorming a rough design and direction of your custom team logo design by thinking about what you want to convey and communicate through colour, shapes and sizes. Write down a list of things associated with your team and think about the main messages associated with your team’s identity.


    Look at existing sports team’s logos that you like and use those to provide external reference points.

    When looking at other logos, some things to think about are:

    • Which elements did you like or didn’t like?
    • How can you be different or how can you improve on existing ideas?

    Keep in mind you want to create a unique logo design. Don’t rip off the designs of other teams!

    Think About the Type of Logo You Want

    There are 5 basic types of logos:

    1. Symbol or Icon – a simple but bold logo that is meant to give visual interest.
    2. Word- a styled text logo that spells out a company or brand name.
    3. Letter- an Exclusive typographic logo that represents a company though its initials or the brand's first letter.
    4. Combination- a logo that combines words and symbol/icons. Sports team logos are typically a combination logo.
    5. Emblem- a logo that encases the company name within the design.

    Keep in mind how the custom sports logo will look on products and advertising and marketing materials. For example, if you are designing a jersey logo design, it might look different if it was on a ball or cap.

    Choose Your Font

    Fonts are an important part of a logo and should be easy to read with appropriate spacing and height. Consider the context of your logo as well. Where your logo will be viewed needs to factor into your font choice.

    Make a Rough Draft

    When you feel like you have a good idea of what you want, start sketching some rough outlines.

    It doesn’t have to be perfect; you can focus on quality later. Play around with the sketch and be creative!

    Refine and Revise

    Now it’s time to refine your idea! To help refine your logo, here are some tips:

    • Simplicity- make sure the logo isn’t too confusing or over complicated.
    • Does it get the message across? – does the logo communicate who your team is?
    • Distinctiveness – ensure your logo is unique and not imitating another logo.
    • Timelessness- will your logo be recognizable for years to come? Does it have a classic design?
    • Easily understood- is your logo understood without any problems?

    Get Feedback

    Talk to others—including your team members, to get feedback and ideas you wouldn’t have thought of.

    Use the feedback to make improvement or changes to your design. Getting feedback will also give you a sense of how well the logo will be perceived by others.

    Narrow Down Your Design

    After settling on a concept, it’s time to work out the details of your final product.

    See what can be taken away to make it simpler. The simplest logos are often the most memorable and are easier to reproduce in various versions.



    MVP Athletic Supplies Can Help  

    MVP offers custom services such as logo imprints for associations or tournament balls or screen-printing and cresting for team uniforms.  

    We also provide softball, baseball and football supplies for individuals, teams, and associations. We carry your favourite brands at competitive prices.

    Contact us for all your baseball, softball and football needs!