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    You’ve got your brand-new bat and now you’re wondering what products can help you drive this equipment’s performance to the next level. When pairing products to your bat, you want to customize them to ensure the maximum potential. With many products out there, it’s hard to differentiate between what is best. We’ve tried to narrow down attributes of each product, to help you decide which one is the best fit for you. So, let’s get started and take a look at bat accessories that’ll help you get the most out of your equipment!


    Lizard Skins Bat Tape

    If you’ve been watching baseball since 2015 you must’ve caught a glimpse of certain MLB players using this product during playoffs or any other game. This tape has been helping players feel more comfortable and getting that extra tight grip on their bat. This tape started as an accessory for bicycles, sometime in the 1990s and made its way to us in the sports industry.  Since it offers a great grip to the handlebars, it makes sense why someone thought this would work great for baseball players! Lizard Skin bat tape has three main components that serve you to:

    1. Reduce vibration and stinging the hands
    2. Provide extra track, so players can easily grip their bat
    3. Give players the comfort they need at the plate for every at-bat

    Another great reason to add bat tape to your collection is that it’s extremely lightweight and completely slip resistant. There is no way your bat will just go flying out of your hands if you’re holding this with a proper grip.


    1.8mm grip

    Let’s start with Lizard Skins 1.8 mm grip, the first item to add to your baseball accessories. This one is a personal favorite, as well as what majority of the consumers seem to steer towards. The Lizard Skins 1.8 mm bat grip is the thickest of all bat grips offered by this company. The extra cushion offers players more material to dampen the bat vibrations. This tape allows more of a all-around grip of the bat. Not to mention the soft durable feel you will experience from wrapping your bat with this tape.

    Although we do advice using batting gloves, this tape allows such comfort in handling your bat, you might feel like you could do without!

    We recommend this thickness for fastpitch, slow pitch and any youth baseball bats that are composite or aluminum.




    1.1mm grip

    Next is the Lizard Skins 1.1 mm grip. This grip in particular was developed after Lizard Skins fans requested a thinner grip with less cushioning.

    You still get the comfort, feel and tackiness of the 1.8 mm with less bulk.  Good for all bats, including wood.  If you like a thinner grip with a little bit of cushioning, this grip is for you.




    0.5mm grip

    Finally, the Lizard Skins 0.5mm grip, the grip specifically created for elite baseball players. It is three times thinner than the 1.8mm grip. Overall, what players like the most about this tape is that it doesn’t add any excessive bulkiness to the bat. But, it won’t dampen the sting of the ball off the handles, as the thicker 1.8mm grip would. This tape, in particular, would allow you to get a better feel for the bat without sacrificing any comfort during your time on the field! We would recommend this thickness for wood bats.

    All Lizard Tapes come in 39 inches in length with pre-cut ends, so you can achieve that perfect wrap. The back is adhesive, so your Lizard grip will allow you to completely attach to your bat and more importantly, stay there!

    Need a hand with application of your new Lizard Tape? Take a look at this video by Lizard Skin company itself,  on how to apply bat tape,  and learn more about Lizard Skin’s bat grip placement on your bat!



    Tiger Stick

    Let’s talk more bat grip. This is such a great alternative to Lizard tape, if you choose to go bare. The days of using messy pine tar all over your bats are over! This revolutionary bat grip is a must for any baseball player who is serious about the game, and how it’s played. We recommend this for wood bats in particular.  Without the mess of pine tar, you will be safe with Tiger Stick rolling around in your bag.



    Bat Weights

    Now that we’ve got products for a great grip down, let’s talk about the speed of your bat. If something can help you enhance the speed of your bat, would you even think twice? We sure wouldn’t. However, some choose to steer away from this next method, but it has been proven to help achieve outstanding results during play time.

    Hitting a baseball is arguably one of the most difficult tasks in all sports. That is why hitters are continuously looking for new methods to improve their bat speed. After all, don’t we all want blazing fastballs?

    Take a look at other great products that could help enhance your experience on our website. They don’t call us Canada’s premium softball equipment supplier for no reason! Want to checkout our products in person? Come visit our location!